Racing Steering Wheels

Rothmans MSWs are lightweight F1-style aluminium/carbon steering wheels designed and built for indoor and outdoor karting.
Available for electric (eKart) and for internal combustion engine (regular) karts, each MSW includes a bi-colour start/stop button, up to 4 push buttons and up to 2 rotary switches to fulfil any kart racing driver configuration preference.

eKart MSWs are included in the scope of delivery or any Track, Evo & Race Rothmans eKits, but can be fitted into Rothmans rental karts as well. Last but not least, all eKart MSWs are compatible with any Bosch Young Start powertrain.

Regular MSWs are tailored for the most popular lap timers (such as the AIM Mychron 5 and Alfano Pro), so they can be installed in any ICE powered kart accordingly.

Rothmans offers a wide range of MSW compatible accessories, including but not limited to angled steering hubs, rotary switches, push buttons, steering grips, etc.
Check for updates into our in our web site.

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