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Suitable for all eRacing kits on Rothmans 48V range, our high frequency battery chargers are designed to optimally charge our RESS.
Key features include CANOpen communication to seamlessly integrate with our kit´s battery management systems (BMS) during the off-board charging process.
Part Number: TZ01.02.011

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Mechanical design 
Dimensions 300 x 179 x 80 mm
Weight 3,75 kg
Cooling Forced convention with variable speed fan
Protection rating IP66 (NEMA4)
Electrical design
Charging voltage 36-58 VDC
Maximum DC output power 1500 W
Maximum DC output voltage 58,0 VDC
Maximum DC output current 33,0 A


On-Board, Off-Board

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  1. Fernando A. González

    The charging time of the battery is really short. Unlike other chargers this one does not heat up very much.

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