External Power Cable for Mychron5


The External Power Cable for MyChron5 is the ultimate solution for powering your lap-timer directly from your vehicle’s battery or a portable 12V DC external battery.

No more recharging or disassembling needed.

Compatible with MyChron4 and MyChron5 and the Rothmans Racing MRS competition steering wheels.

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The External Power Cable for MyChron5 by Rothmans Racing is the ultimate solution for powering your MyChron5 Dash Logger during long racing sessions without the need to recharge its internal battery or dismantle it. This cable is also compatible with the MyChron4 version.

The cable is designed to connect to the EXP/CAN port located on the back of the MyChron5, allowing it to be powered directly from your motorcycle or kart’s 12-volt battery. Additionally, it can be connected to any external 12V DC battery used in endurance racing or even portable RC batteries. The voltage reading is displayed on the screen, giving you instant feedback on your power source.

No more battery worries or time-consuming recharging processes. With the External Power Cable for MyChron5, you can focus solely on your racing and lap times. The cable’s simple plug-and-play design makes it easy to install and use.

The cable features a threaded 5-pin AIM connector on one end and two open flying leads on the other end. This configuration makes it compatible with both MyChron5 and MyChron4 Dash Loggers.

This product is made in Spain and meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Upgrade your racing experience today with the External Power Cable for MyChron5, and never worry about running out of battery life again.


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