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MASTER kits are BOSCH “Young Star” system compatible (*) and the best fit for any CIK-FIA Junior/Senior/KZ karting racing frame.

They include a single gear eTORK reduction, plug&play wiring harness, drive by wire eThrottle compatible with any go-kart gas pedal,  dedicated universal brackets for durable and safe fastening and our patented quick-swap sprocket system.
MASTER KID and MASTER PRO kits optionally include our Fast Battery Exchange System (FBES) for three battery modules, and either a MRS KID or a MRS PRO steering wheel with swappable soft grip handles.
MASTER kits can also be fitted on Rental go-karts with little engineering adaptation work. Contact us for details.

Max Power: 10,0 kW
Battery: 3 x 2,4 kWh (150 Ah)
Charger: OFF board

MASTER Logic kit :

  • CIK/FIA frame ready bracket system
  • Wiring harness and wiring mounting plate
  • Rothmans redundant p4W eThrottle (by wire)
  • Kill switch and kill switch board
  • eTORK (single gear)
  • Quick swap eSprocket (Z28, Z30, Z32 or Z34)
  • Front sprocket (z13)
  • BRM air filtering enclosure


  • MASTER Logic +
  • Fast Battery Exchange System (3 packs)
  • eSprocket (z28, z30, z32 or z34)


  • MASTER Logic +
  • Fast Battery Exchange System (3 packs)
  • eSprocket (z28, z30, z32 or z34)


  • BRM 48V Motor (power output settable between 4 and 10kW)
  • RESS (3 x 2,4kWh)/Optional (4 x 2,4kWh)
  • Vehicle Control Unit with 3 power modes and reverser gear
  • DCDC 12VDC-48VDC
  • Off-Board 1200W charger

(*) Bosch “Young Star” system, Rieju “Nuuk L3e” and Govecs “Schwalbe L3e” drive train compatible.  Powertrain is not included. It should be purchased separately. Contact us for purchasing options and details.

Our MASTER versions are aimed for rental tracks.
Each appplication will require a tailored engineering work in order to ensure the perfect kit fit to each platform and customer needs. This is why we only deliver this version for large fleets.

Contact us for a tailored study of your case.


2 reviews for “MASTER” Pro

  1. Tobe Black

    Simply the best kit on the market at a great price. Amazing torque and zero petrol!

  2. Fernando A. Gonzalez

    An amazing torque delivery. A high-tech product.

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